About Us

World Certification Services Malaysia

Started in 2004, WCS has carried out an intensive and successful work in the Malaysia certification sector through the UKAS accreditation of its head office in England, with an aim to supply cost effective and impartial third-party assessment and certification services to businesses of all sizes in Asia Pacific. Services are openly available and are not restricted in any way.

WCS has established procedures for the certification of ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, FAMI-QS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and other standards.

In 2018, WCS has achieved accreditation by Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM, National Accreditation Body Malaysia), to provide creditable audit certification services. As an authorized representative of World Certification Services Ltd in United Kingdom (UKAS-accredited), we meet the highest possible standards. WCS scopes of accreditation are subject to on-going review by the management team and also by an Impartiality Committee, in order to ensure that client needs continue to be met. We are one of the industry leaders in certification services for food safety and quality management systems.

Our present scopes include a wide range of industrial and business sectors and these can be viewed in the DSM and UKAS websites.

What WCS can provide:

  • Competitive, cost effective and impartial certification services for businesses of all sizes.
  • No hassle approach from the time of initial enquiry, through to application, assessment, and certification.
  • Experience of most industries and business sectors.
  • Experienced Lead Auditors with the ability to undertake their work impartially and in a friendly manner.
  • National/ International recognition of our client’s management systems.

main services are Certification and Training.  We also provide Supplier Audit, Gap Analysis Services, Pre-Audit Services, etc. WCS is also a HRDF-registered training provider, where the trainings provided are HRDF Claimable (SBL – KHAS).