Cancellation Policy

WCS Certification Services (WCS) has about hundreds of clients throughout the Malaysia and undertakes dozens of audits every month using full time auditors and sub contract associate auditors.

In order to ensure that WCS offers its clients the flexibility, responsiveness and reliability that they require, it is imperative that scheduled audits take place on the day for which they have been planned, and that they are not cancelled or rearranged at short notice.

WCS schedules audits three months in advance of the required date and makes every effort to meet its client’s required-by dates. It is the WCS Lead Auditor’s responsibility to liaise with the client and other audit team members in order to schedule the date of the audit. Once the audit date has been established/agreed the Lead auditor communicates the date to WCS and begins to plan the audit. Audit plans are normally sent to clients at least one week before the audit.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they are ready for an audit. Cancellation due to lack of readiness for the audit is not acceptable as it deprives other clients of a resource that would otherwise be available to them. Cancellation increases administration costs, has a direct impact on WCS’s auditor resource, and can affect WCS’s ability to meet new and existing client’s expectations with regard to audit dates. Therefore it is the policy of WCS that late cancellation of an audit will incur a cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees will be charged at:

  • Cancellation on the day = RM800 per auditor day.
  • Cancellation within 5 working days of the audit = RM500 per auditor day.
  • Cancellation 6 to 15 working days = RM300 per auditor day.
  • Cancellation 16 to 30 working days = RM200 administration fee.

In order to be fair, WCS will apply these fees in all circumstances unless the following occur:

  • The main client contact is on bereavement leave
  • Adverse weather
  • Emergency situations

If you would like to discuss any part of the above cancellation policy please email: WCS Certification Manager at

Cancellation Policy, Issue 02, May 2021