Extension – OHSAS 18001 Migration to ISO 45001

The OHSAS 18001 migration deadline to ISO 45001 has been extended by six months.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, IAF has decided that OHSAS 18001 certifications can be extended by up to six months.

The deadline for migrating to ISO 45001 from OHSAS 18001 certification is now 30th September 2021.

Earlier Information

Since its first publication in 1999, OHSAS 18001 has been a recognized occupational health and safety management system (OH & SMS) standard against which management systems can be assessed and certified. OHSAS 18001 was revised in 2007 and now 19 years after initial release, a new ISO standard has been developed to replace OHSAS 18001; this standard is ISO 45001:2018.

ISO 45001:2018 was published on 12th March 2018 and OHSAS 18001 will be withdrawn on 12th March 2021. All WCS OHSAS 18001 certified clients have a three-year period to migrate their certification to ISO 45001:2018. After the 30th September 2021 (earlier was 12th March 2021), all OHSAS 18001:2007 certificates will expire.

UKAS Accreditation for ISO 45001:2018

WCS is pleased to announce that it has completed the migration process from OHSAS 18001:2007 to ISO 45001:2018 in July 2019.

UKAS confirmed accreditation and WCS is able to issue UKAS Accredited certificates as per the schedule of accreditation on the UKAS website.

Planning for Migration

A planned approach is essential. Some issues to consider include:

  • Obtaining a copy of the standard,
  • Identify suitable training
  • Ensure communication within your organisation
  • Set up a working party / project team
  • Undertake a gap analysis
  • Update the documented system
  • Provide additional training to employees
  • Complete internal audits with an emphasis on the additional requirements
  • Discuss the migration with WCS

Transition Management

Clients will be able to transition to the new standard during surveillance audits, recertification audits or by having a special audit in advance of their next scheduled surveillance/ recertification audit. It is a requirement that WCS add audit duration to cover the new requirements. This extra audit duration will be communicated and agreed before the audit takes place.

Clients are advised to plan their transition to ISO45001:2018 in a timely manner.

Download here ISO 45001 Guide and

This guide includes some differences between OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001.

This is just a short guide and if you require a more detailed information you should consider attending a formal training course, purchasing the standard and also reviewing supporting standards such as BS 45002-0, BS 45002-1 and BS 45002-3.

As a reminder WCS can provide gap analysis services at competitive day rates. Contact WCS for more information.