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Supplier Audits

Assess Your External Providers (Suppliers) and Support Improvement

Supplier Audits are an important part of the supplier approval process that manufacturers and retailers conduct when taking on new suppliers or on-going suppliers performance review to ensure they are still up to date with regulations and processes. The overall aim of a supplier audit is to ensure they are compliant with food regulations and customer standards.

We have a team of trained and experienced auditors who can perform on behalf of your good organization to assess the conformity and compliance of your potential external provider against the intended standards (e.g. FSSC22000, ISO22000, HACCP, GMP, any organizational safe quality management system). Our trained auditors are here to raise and maintain your standards on food safety.

Our great advantage for you: all of our auditors have perfect technical knowledge in food industry. We provide you with a detailed and differentiating insight into local markets and are able to evaluate your international suppliers excellently as well, and therefore encourage and support them depending on the local circumstances.

Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis is an assessment of your current system against the requirements of a particular management system standard. The gap analysis identifies areas where your system does not meet the requirements of a standard.

One of our experienced management system auditors will review your business’s current procedures against the requirements of the applicable relevant standard. WCS will then provide you with a Gap Analysis Report which will clearly identify all the gaps between your system and the requirements of the standard.


Once you have somewhat developed and implemented a management system you may find a Pre-Audit beneficial.

A Pre-Audit is an independent third party audit against a management system standard. Its basically a test run for a company looking to start the certification process. Once the Pre-Audit has been completed you will receive a report including any non conformance’s showing where your system does not meet the applicable requirements. A Pre-Audit is usually a shorter audit duration than that of a third party certification audit and very much based on limited sampling.

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